Monday, March 28, 2011

Max-Creating A bedroom

There' a lot of 3dsMax models that you can use for your building or room (seats, windows, doors, trees, etc) whic you can find in stores or the internet, either for free or some you have to buy, like from archmodels. Using these models you can save a lot of time, because you don't have to model such supporting components for your presentation. You can even create your own library, which later you can upload or even sell on the internet.

For that you need to know how to properly import and exported 3dsMax files.  To import 3dsMax files to your scene, you're going to need to use Merge. But if you are importing different type of file, such as AutoCad or 3ds, you'll have to use Import. And you can't just copy 3dsMax file to another computer, since Max file connected to its texture, so for that, you'll need to Archive it.

We're going to learn all these using the plan that we've imported on our previous tutorial. But if you don't have any plan design you can use the picture below.

Bedroom Plan

Good luck!

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