Sunday, March 6, 2011

7 Steps for Sketchup's beginner

So you decide to use Google SketchUp (SU)? Here are seven tips that might help you when  you start using sketchup.

  1. Turn on all of the toolbar. Go to View> Toolbars, and then turn on all the available toolbars. Then save this toolbar settings (save toolbar only available in SU 8 or up). So when I start the tutorial, it'll be easier for you to find the right command.
  2. Group every time you created a new object. Because if not, it will merge to another object (unless if you meant for it to stick). For example after creating a rectangle, group it, the edit it.
  3. Learn Shortcuts. As in Autocad, 3dsMax, and everything else, it's easier if you know all the shortcuts in Sketchup. Go to Window> Preferences> Shortcuts. 
  4. Tape Measure. Use the command Tape measure (T) for drawing reference, I explain about this in my Sketchup Tutorial-Interface Introduction 2
  5. Put Layer, Entity Info, Materials and Component windows at the top right corner of the layer. Then leave it there, don't close it. If you're not using it, just minimized it. Because when the modelling become too complex ,this will save loading time.
  6.  Layers. If you are planning to make a room or a machine with high compexity, separate some parts using layers. So when you need them you can freeze them. You can't use hide, because you use hide, the object will remain editable. Those of you who are familiar with AutoCAD won't have a hard time understanding this concept.
  7. Lastly, before you start reading or watching the tutorial, first try ALL the commands in sketchup. Because, sketchup is so easy that  some commands can be directly learned without looking at the tutorial. This will speed up your learning time.

OK, and now ...Have a nice time learning!

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