Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sketchup-Creating Vray Material

Vray materials in this tutorial are actually simplification from various possible way of making Vray Material for sketchup. This tutorial comprises:

1. Vray material standard, which actually automatically formed from Sketchup standard material
2. Material with Bump, for textured material
3. Glossy material, to make porcelain, marble, granite and such
4. Metallic material. I make gold material in this example, but with color adjusting you can also make iron, brass, chrome, copper etc
5. Glass material, which in its development can be plastic or water material

Keep in mind, that when creating a Vray texture in sketchup, make sure from the beginning which material you want to use and the size of the mapping you’re going to place. Because sometimes, after editing the standard material in Vray Material Editor, I find it difficult to change the texture. Sometimes I even have to start from importing the texture again.

Below, I only provide the fire texture for the fireplace. Other materials I used is pretty common, you can find them easily in your own library.

Have a nice day!

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