Thursday, April 21, 2011

Max-Mapping Uneven Sides using Unwrap UVW

How do we map all kinds of texture into one object? On the previous tutorials, we’ve learned that we can do it by channeling it to a certain polygon in editable poly. And then we used UVW Map to adjust the texture size. But this way, all the texture size must be equal, and it has to follow the UVW Map direction. That’s why I detach some part of the polygon so we can have different texture. Besides, it also means we need multi obj map, which each map needs to be edited individually.

Other way, which, I think, more practical is by using Unwrap UVW. All the texture needed can be gathered in one map, and than using Unwrap, placed separately. With the adjustable size on each polygon.

This time I emphasize on making Architrave door and room Cornice. It can be used in more complex object. But that’s another story, another tutorial.

Have a nice day!!

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