Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Max-Creating Vray Scene Using Standard Camera

Using Vray doesn't mean that you have to use all of Vray tools. Standard 3ds Max Camera and Lights can also integrated well into a Vray Scene. The setting is so much easier (especially for the camera), and with proper settings, the result can be as good as using Vray camera and Lights. Of course we still have to use some rectangle Vray Light as the primary light sources. But then we can support it using Photometric light and target Direct light.

The advantage of using Photometric light is, when creating shaped light such as down light or wall light, we can see the shape of the light on the photometric light, so we can estimate the direction or the shape result when we render the scene. Also if we have a lot of lights you can see the difference between one light and the other.

One tip, try adding a disable Vray sun to the scene in this tutorial, with the same direction as the direct light. The scene will be more realistic

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