Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sketchup-Cool Section Animation

I'm using 3dsmax, long before I even learned sketchup. Initially I felt no need to master sketchup, because the presentation with 3dsmax (in my opinion) much more impressive, more people ask for it and has more widespread implementation. But there is one feature Sketchup that makes me so very interested to learn Sketchup. And that is the Section. A feature that's available in Sketchup Pro

Of course 3dsMax has Clip which function a bit similar to section. but section can be directly used for various things. It can be directly exported to AutoCAD for further editing, or can be presented with the feature layout (which is now also a step forward again), and the most impressive, in my opinion, is the Section can be directly animated.

When I first saw the section animation, I thought, surely this would be very difficult. But, now that I know the tricks, it's really easy! Unfortunately, when creating this tutorial, Section still can't be rendered using Vray. And I have not tried any other rendering engine. Otherwise, it would be really cool!!

Good luck!

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