Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Max-Arch Animation 104-Creating Curtain using Cloth Modifier

I've explained about the Cloth modifier in my previous tutorial on creating a pillow (still in bahasa Indonesia though ^_^). And this time we will use it again in making curtains. The principle of making these curtains can also be used to make towels or flags (but for the flag should be combined with using reactor wind).

There are some things that are very influential to so your Curtain looked more natural :
  1. Cloth material you use. There are a lot of material in 3dsmax cloth curtain that exist, such as spandex, rubber, satin, silk etc.. I suggest you take the time to try out the material one by one and compare the parameters. That way, you will get a material that best matches your needs 

  2. Gravity. Sometimes we have to increase the value of gravity, this way will pull the blinds down so that the curtains don't look too stiff. 

  3. The amount of the segment. The smaller the segment, of course, the object will be more flexible. But do not make it too small segment, because it would burden the 3dsmax file. 
In this tutorial I'm using a plane, but you can also use the garment maker which I use in the Creating Pillow tutorial

Good luck!

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